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Posted by Sarah Smith on November 23, 2012

Jimsy Jampots supplies Sarah Smith fans with seasonal recipes

Cult cleaning company Somerset-based Sarah Smith is delighted to announce the appointment of its chef in residence, Jimsy Jampots.

Jimsy Jampots will be supplying a recipe a month to Sarah Smith fans through the new Sarah Smith newsletter and contributing to the Sarah Smith blog.

Jimsy Jampots, 22, was born in Wales and now lives in London where she has a tiny flat with a beautiful little kitchen.

The first thing she can remember baking was Welsh Cakes with her mum when she was seven, but she never tried anything more adventurous than chocolate-chip butterfly cakes until 2010. Since then cooking and baking have become her favourite things to do — partially because of the joy of creation but mostly because she likes eating.

When Amy isn’t in the kitchen she enjoys reading, walking her dogs (two Dalmatians and one chocolate Labrador) and very, very slow knitting.

Sarah Smith CEO Clive Birnie says: “We’re delighted that Jimsy Jampots has joined the Sarah Smith team. Her recipes are delicious and she reflects all the Sarah Smith values – cheerful, honest and playful.”

Jimsy Jampots’ recipes are seasonal, accessible and perfect for a busy woman feeding her family.

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