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Bacon sandwich

Posted by Sarah Smith on August 19, 2015

Bump into my friend The Gangster in Epping Forest.  We walk past a certain car park which is renowned for its dogging and cruising attractions.  The atmosphere in the car park is somewhat febrile even at 9.30am.  There are lots of men on their own in BMWs with the engines running, studying each other then looking away.

The Gangster surveys them with gentle bemusement.  “Who wants to do outdoors shaggin’ this time in the mornin’?  You’d have a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, first, surely.”

New business idea:  coffee van.  ‘Purveyors of fine coffee to the dogging fraternity since 2015′.  ‘Get your coffee, then get your oats’.

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Boyfriend dreams

Posted by Sarah Smith on August 12, 2015

I am sleeping very badly.  OH’s friend, a Parisienne, gives me a tisane she swears by.  I feel very glamorous until I have a horrific night in which I dream that I had another baby and Kate Bush and Maureen Lipman were its godmothers.  Wake up exhausted, disorientated and feeling as I need sectioning immediately.

Cheer myself up by wearing my new ‘boyfriend’ jeans.  I think they look quite good.  I ask Terrifying Cleaner what she thinks.  She surveys me.  “Turn arahnd.”  I turn.  “Yep.  You’ve got the right sort of arse for them.  Big.”



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Water, water everywhere

Posted by Sarah Smith on August 10, 2015

Relaxing dinner with children somewhat ruined by the clarion call of “Mummy, the cellar’s full of water. That’s not right is it?” Nearly break ankle in effort to sprint to top of cellar steps and find lumps of coal floating around amid a load of tiles and old deck chairs. It’s been dry as the Gobi desert here so am completely mystified.

Ring Lugubrious Plumber who agrees to come out largely because he likes talking to me about the breakdown of his marriage which has been breaking down for the last two years and seems to involve a lot of sex and arguing which in my view is a marriage, and there’s nothing breaking-down about it, but anyway.

He arrives and sploshes about in the cellar for a while, then reappears. “You’ve got a spring under your house and the water’s risen,” he says.

I am impressed. “Gosh! How could you tell that?” I ask in awestruck tones.

“I saw your neighbour outside and she told me,” he says flatly.  He says he can pump it all out for me.  “I dunno if you fancy having a declutter,” he says, as a string of Christmas tinsel floats past him.  “Not right now, no,” I say briskly.

He pumps it out at vast expense, then has a cup of tea and tells me about The Missus. “We’re going on holiday next week,” he says. “And it might be awful.” Feel like telling him most people feel like that before they go on holiday with their families and if I was him I’d risk it and stop moaning.

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Getting blood from a stone

Posted by Sarah Smith on August 5, 2015

Clemmie is doing civic responsibility school project for holidays.  Decide to take her to watch me give blood. “Do you have to take your trousers off” she says suspiciously. I tell her not unless things going very wrong indeed. It’s in the town hall and she’s intrigued by the tippy-uppy chairs etc, but blanches at the finger tip test. “Does it hurt? It does, doesn’t it? I’m never doing it if it hurts.” Tell her it is a momentary twinge of pain but the result is something that is worth far more etc etc.

The waiting area is a bit cramped and I say to her jovially “move up, silly sausage.’ The man opposite says “Oh, I’m sorry’ and dutifully shifts up a seat. Clemmie is beside herself with amusement (“that man thought you meant him but you meant me didn’t you, ha ha that man moved” and then thankfully my name is called.

She is by my side peering interestedly at the needle going in etc. Unusually this time the blood doesn’t start to fill up the bag. I am squeezing the stress ball thing until my fingers hurt,but nothing’s happening, and my arm is starting to ache. The phlebotomist comes over and taps the needle and then says those words that strike fear into anyone when they’re doing something health related “Oh..that’s unusual….wait there, love,” as if I am about to spring to my feet off my tippy-uppy chair and roar out of the door with my IV stand clanking along behind me. There then follows an extremely painful interlude in which they realise that the needle is stuck. The more they wiggle it the more stuck it gets as as a bruise starts to form under the skin. Clemmie is still watching with a genial smile. “Gosh you’ve got more people helping you than anyone else, mummy. Is it hurting?” I assure her with my most relaxed and brilliant smile that mummy is absolutely fine and there is no problem at all and then turn my head away to mouth to the nurse “this really really sodding hurts”.

After about five minutes of wiggling the needle comes out. Clemmie, still unaware this is anything but usual, trots along next to me as I stagger out of the hall with a bruise rapidly blooming up my arm so that by the time I get home I can’t bend my elbow and I look like an extra from Trainspotting.

OH rings. “Mummy gave blood, and it wasn’t scary or hurting at all. It was quite boring, actually,” says Clemmie.



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You big chicken

Posted by Sarah Smith on July 29, 2015

Walked past riding school with dog, and it all smelled so beautifully rural and rustic and outdoorsy. I need a new project. I was thinking about chickens. Rescue hens are only £5 each. I got momentarily distracted by a website about Buff Orpingtons but I realised I only really liked them because they sound like a Victorian roue. “Damme madam, but you have beautiful eyes,’ said Buff Orpington roguishly. I could do with a Victorian roue, to vary the monotony. I wouldn’t want to live with one, but it would be nice to have someone casting lascivious glances at me every now and then. As long as he could shut up when the Archers was on. Anyway. I looked at hutches which are about eight million times the cost of the hens. I found the trendy ones, the ones that look like little space age pods, but they didn’t fit my rural idyll. They need the kind of garden that is full of Zen pebbles and architectural spiky plants, not my shambling mess of blowsy flowers and yellow patches where the dog’s wee’d. I found some hilariously Swiss chalet type affairs which are more the sort of thing, but they’re called ‘The Windsor’ and “Imperial’. Lizzie peered at them over my shoulder. “Jesus, that one’s bigger than my bedroom,’ she said, impressed. ‘How much are they? I might get one, live in it in the garden and rent my house out.’


Depressed self then reading about all the things chickens need and the ‘thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to’, and chicken flesh seems to be susceptible to pretty much everything. Knowing my luck I’ll own the first diabetic chickens with ADD or something and they’ll have to have therapy and Ritalin and the whole thing will cost me a fortune. Nothing I want to do is ever simple.


In order to Keep Children Involved with Family Discussions I mentioned having chickens to Tom who said ‘Lovely. Can we have potato wedges with them?” so I realised I’d basically been talking to myself for the last ten minutes.


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The Fete

Posted by Sarah Smith on July 25, 2015

Thank God that’s over. Was put on candy floss stall with Attractive Dad. The candy floss machine was like a sort of cement mixer. He did the heavy lifting of bags of sugar etc while I did the controls. I knew the Bodenmas would be out in force so I had made an effort and was wearing rather nice pale pink brocade type dress. It was all going very well. Attractive Dad and I were chatting away gaily, charming children were being polite and it was all very lovely when the candy floss machine jammed. The arm bit stopped whirring around. We turned it off and turned it on again, fiddled with the drum, still nothing, until I, keen to show that I was the sort of hands-on mum that doesn’t leave the machinery to the boys, peered down into the drum to see if I could see what was jamming it. Of course the bloody thing immediately roared into life, and a gust of wind lifted out a wedge of candy floss strands which immediately stuck themselves to my hair, face and neckline of dress. I reared back in alarm and used some appalling language which was overheard by three reception children and the deputy head. The candy floss was completely covering my fringe, and was looped round my dress and down my cleavage so i looked like some sort of diabetic Miss Haversham. One of the children started crying.   Attractive Dad looked suspiciously as if he would like to guffaw. “I think,” said the deputy head, “you’d better go and tidy yourself up,” as if I’d got bored and climbed into the candy floss machine on a whim.   I slunk off to the staff loos. “Oh goodness!” said one of the Bodenmas as I sidled past. “What a mess. Would you like to be swapped onto a less tricky stall?” I ignored her, stupid cow.

Candy floss is FANTASTICALLY difficult to get out of your hair. And off your dress. And your bra. When you put water on it it seems to sort of congeal and spread itself everywhere in a sort of spangly paste.

I’ve no idea why everyone in Ambridge screams with delight about the fete.  They are AWFUL.

I am home now, having a large glass of wine, and if I keep topping it up without actually putting it down anywhere I can pretend it’s only one glass and not the whole bloody bottle.

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A curse on the PTA

Posted by Sarah Smith on July 21, 2015

I should have remembered. The letter came back three weeks ago. PTAs are as adept at emotional blackmail as kidnappers, but rather than send a thumb in the post they mention the parlous state of the library, the amount they need to raise and the fact that it’s been a real struggle (their italics) to get anyone to help this year. The fact that the same letter has been going out for four years to my knowledge doesn’t lessen its effect. I’m still waiting for the letter that says “d’you know what, we’ve got shed loads of helpers this year, so don’t worry. Have a lie-in, stop feverishly baking cakes, wondering whether you can send baked beans for the tombola – it’s all fine. We’ve got it covered.”

Last year Tom took it into his own hands and I managed to grab him before he handed in a box of Tampax (maxi) as our contribution to the raffle prize. Had to explain that when they’d said toiletries they were thinking more in terms of hand cream. Friend Lizzie snorts and says when she went to the fete in her mum’s village there was a used vibrator on the White Elephant, which the elderly stall holder, oblivious, had labelled “Egg Whisk. Slow.”

Anyway. So it’s tomorrow. I have made no cake, I have no tombola prize, but I have said I will look after a stall, but only if whatever it is costs a round number so I don’t have to give difficult change.

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Pocketful of Rye loves Sarah Smith!

Posted by Sarah Smith on October 18, 2013

Lovely review on the joys of an eco kitchen from the great family website Pocketful of Rye – thanks guys!

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We’re in the Family way!

Posted by Sarah Smith on September 16, 2013

Thank you to the Madhouse Family for their lovely review of our beautiful new cloths!

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An end of school hols pick me up

Posted by Sarah Smith on September 2, 2013

Just before we descend into packed lunch/where’s my PE kit madness, celebrate the end of the summer hols with a Desert Healer, courtesy of @tabitha_tweedie on Twitter.

Desert Healer

1 measure gin
1 measure orange juice
1/2 measure cherry brandy
2 measures ginger ale
1 maraschino cherry.

Shake, enjoy, and toast yourself for surviving the last six weeks.
Then find that PE kit.

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Posted by Sarah Smith on June 18, 2013

* 4 chicken breast fillets, cut into strips
* 2 teaspoons of paprika
* 2 teaspoons of ground cumin
* One orange pepper, deseeded and cut into strips
* One red pepper, deseeded and cut into strips
* One green pepper, deseeded and cut into strips
* 140g fat-free natural yogurt
* 4 limes
* 1 large lettuce, torn
* 4 tomatoes, cut into wedges
* 1/2 cucumber, sliced
* Rice, to serve

* Mix the chicken, paprika and cumin together until the chicken is
evenly coated. Leave to marinate for 30 minutes
* Preheat a large, non-stick frying pan and drizzle it with a little
oil. Stir fry the peppers until they are soft. Put in a bowl and put
them in a oven on a low heat, to keep them warm
* Drizzle a little more oil in the pan and cook the chicken strips
for five minutes, until cooked through
* Mix the natural yogurt and the juice of three of the limes together
to make the dressing
* To serve, first plate a layer of the lettuce. Add large spoonfuls
of rice on top before arranging the vegetables and chicken on top of
the rice. Serve with a splodge of the yogurt dip and a lime wedge

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Winner of Sarah Smith poetry competition announced!

Posted by Sarah Smith on June 12, 2013

Thank you so much to all those who entered our poetry competition. We were extremely impressed by the standard of the entries, and our winner is Jadine Eagle, a bank administrator from Swindon.

Poet and comedian Kate Fox, our judge, said: ” It was really interesting to read such a variety of different takes on womanhood in the 21st century. It’s clear that lots of women are frustrated at being pinned down to just one identity, but at the same time fed up of being dictated to by media images of women doing everything all at once, which becomes another kind of pressure. The word “compassion” came up in many of the poems, which was interesting. “21st Century Woman” by Jadine Eagle concisely, and with a lovely lightness of touch, captures the need to find one’s own way of being whatever it is that womanhood means to you.”
And here it is….

21st Century Woman

Your glossy pages show a life of perfect cakes and wallpaper,
hand-stitched cushions and dinner parties.
Children fed with nothing but organic food
taken from the vegetable plot within a beautifully landscaped garden
and served on artisan plates.
You show a life where I am to be a sex goddess, a yoga guru, a feminist;
how I should wear full makeup in keeping with the seasons;
style my hair according to the latest trends
and spend evenings counselling sad friends
or partying with those whose life is grand.
Flaunt clothes from the Catwalk or the High Street,
depending on whether it is in vogue to be frugal or extravagant.
You show me I must invest my money wisely, give all to charity,
to eat my perfect cake but by the next article I must run a marathon
to lose that weight
even though you tell me to be happy with who I am.
To travel to off-the-beaten-track places
and soak up the culture and local faces because
a package holiday is just not good enough.
Be smart, be funny, dazzle and excite.
Be humble, be demure, agreeable and contrite.
Live for others, live for myself, take time out yet fill every moment of my life.
Choose the most impeccable gift, the most appropriate wine.
You guide me to be the ideal housewife, employee, lover, mother,
boss, woman, friend, daughter, eco warrior…
don’t you wonder why you need to write articles on depression?
You lay out a world of so much opportunity and push us to grasp
each and every bit.
We have so much to live up to and you gasp if we don’t manage it.
I sit amongst your scattered pages amplifying what I merely am
against a back drop of what you demand me to be.

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Summer Cotton Bag Sale in Aid of Za Foundation

Posted by cbirnie on June 3, 2013

This was so successful at Christmas that we thought we should do it again now that Summer is threatening to arrive!

As before all proceeds of the sale will be donated to Za Foundation to help continue the brilliant educational work they do in the Nkomazi region of South Africa.Za Foundation fund a drama group Zakhele who visit schools and clinics to run educational workshops about HIV and AIDS; they provide free school uniforms for orphans to enable them to go to school; they have built and will now run a new library giving people an unprecedented access to books; and every two years they bring the Zakhele  group to the UK as part of their partnership programme with schools in the North Somerset area and run educational workshops to remind our children that HIV is not just a developing world problem. The motto of Za Foundation is Support, Educate and Inspire. They rely entirely on donations. Every penny they raise is spent on the programmes they run and all their volunteers are unpaid, even those who work for the foundation full time. Sarah Smith Director Kate Birnie (pictured) is a also a Director of Za Foundation and we are proud supporters of their work. For more information on Za Foundation visit their website or Facebook page. Or you can follow them on Twitter.

Once again we are going for a straight forward sale. Below you will see details of three styles of our much loved cotton shopper bags. Available  in our red “Moo!” pattern,  pink “Scooby” or apple green “Confetti”. They are on sales here at £5 each which includes UK Post & Packing. If you are looking to buy from outside the UK please contact us first ( info AT sarahsmith dot co dot uk). All the bags are the same size 40 x 40 cm excluding the handle which is designed for over the shoulder use.

Just click on the appropriate BUY NOW button for the item you would like to buy and you will be directed to the paypal account of Sarah Smith co-owner Clive Birnie who has kindly offered to manage the donation collection for us. Any queries, questions etc just email us.



Sarah Smith Red “Moo!” Cotton Shopper Bag £5.00 each incl. UK P&P.



Sarah Smith Pink “Scooby” Cotton Shopper Bag £5.00 each incl. UK P&P.



Sarah Smith Apple Green “Confetti” Cotton Shopper Bag £5.00 each incl. UK P&P.

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Hollywood’s secret – our Stain Away Wipes!

Posted by Sarah Smith on April 15, 2013

Our fabulous Stain Away Wipes are in the news…..

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Our celeb secret….

Posted by Sarah Smith on March 11, 2013

Our amazing Stain Away Wipes are in the news!

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Jimsy Jampots Easter Lamb Curry

Posted by Sarah Smith on February 27, 2013

Spring is springing….but it’s still freezing out there. What you need is a hot dish of Spring lamb curry to warm the cockles.

400g diced lamb pieces, trimmed of as much fat as possible
1 large onion
4 large garlic cloves
1/2 tbsp of ground ginger
1/2 tsp of chilli powder
1/2 tbsp of curry powder
400g can of chopped tomatoes
3 carrots
450ml vegetable stock
1 bay leaf
4 large chopped tomatoes
100g spinach leaves

1. Season the lamb with salt and pepper and brown in batches in an overproof casserole dish, transferring to a plate when cooked.
2. Dice the onion and fry it in a little oil for five minutes. Reduce the heat, add all the spices and cook for another five minutes.
3. Preheat the oven to 190C. Put the lamb back in the casserole dish with the onion and cook for a couple of minutes more. Then add the tomatoes, the stock and a bay leaf. Chop both the carrots and the tomatoes before adding them, too. Bring to a simmer.
4. Cover the casserole dish and put in the oven for an hour and 30 minutes.
5. Take the dish out of the oven, stir in the spinach and pop back in the oven for five minutes more.
6. Serve with rice and a dollop of creme fraiche.

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Posted by Sarah Smith on February 12, 2013

Lizards, a false hand and a live partridge unearthed while cleaning

Our survey revealed some startling items that have been turned up in a spring clean.  Respondents reported discovering dead mice, a false hand, a
hibernating hedgehog, £60 in coins from one favourite armchair alone, a bat, some spare sets of false teeth and a live partridge.

Sarah Smith CEO Clive Birnie says: “We were extremely surprised at some of the things that our respondents discovered.  Under the sofa and behind the fridge were the most common places to find peculiar objects, with the dog’s bed coming a close second. The most we were expecting was loose change and Lego.  There were lots of nice finds like engagement rings and long lost photographs, as well as some more suspect discoveries like pants and even the key to a set of handcuffs.”

Sarah Smith cleaning cloths are available in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.


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Take our survey….

Posted by Sarah Smith on January 19, 2013

We’d love it if you wouldn’t mind taking our very quick survey. It would make us very happy, and anyway it’s too cold to do anything else…pretty please?
Click here to take survey

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New Year Calming Soup

Posted by Sarah Smith on January 10, 2013

After the endless roast potatoes of Christmas, the mince pies and the booze, we all need something calming in January, something natural and mild. To soothe the soul and flatten the tummy, here is Jimsy Jampots’ leek and potato soup.

Leek and Potato Soup
2 large leeks, sliced
1 onion, sliced
300g potatoes, diced
1 litre of vegetable stock
Greek Yogurt.

1. Fry the leeks, potatoes and onion in a large saucepan for about five mintes. Then pour over a litre of the vegetable stock, stir well and leave to simmer for 20-30 minutes until the vegetables are very soft.
2. Season the soup well and blend in either using a food processor or a stick blender.
3. Just before eating, stir the Greek yogurt. This can either be done in the pan or in the bowl. You need one heaped tablespoon of Greek yogurt per serving.

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Another Jimsy Jampot recipe – Chocolate Peppermint Candy Cane Squares

Posted by Sarah Smith on December 19, 2012

Chocolate Peppermint Candy Cane Squares


For the chocolate layer

350g of dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa solides
1 x 397g can of condensed milk
30g of butter
a large pinch of salt

For the peppermint layer

175g white chocolate
1 tablespoon peppermint extract
3 large candy canes (ideally green)
Gel food colouring to match the colour of your candy canes

To decorate

Crushed candy canes


Line an 8 inch square tin with foil, making sure there’s an overhang
Roughly chop the chocolate and add it to a medium sauce pan. Add the butter, the salt, and 250g of the condensed milk. Put over a low heat and allow the chocolate to melt, stirring constantly. You should end up with a really thick, gloopy mixture.
As soon as the chocolate is melted, remove the pan from the heat and pour the chocolate into the tin. Smooth it over, making the surface as even as possible, and leave to cool. When it’s room temperature, pop it in the fridge.
In a clean pan, melt the white chocolate together with the peppermint extract and the remaining condensed milk. As soon as the chocolate is fully melted, remove it from the heat.
Crush the three candy canes using a rolling pin and stir into the white chocolate. Add tiny bits of the food colouring, stirring well, until you reach your desired colour. Then pour this over the top of the dark chocolate fudge.
Roughly crush the remaining candy canes and sprinkle this over the top of the peppermint layer. Leave to cool until the peppermint layer is set but still squidgy.
Remove the fudge using the overhang of foil, and cut into small, even squares. Stack two or three pieces of fudge and tie with a Christmas ribbon — wrap in clingfilm first if you’re giving them as a gift.

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Sarah Smith Charity Sale 2012 in Aid of Za Foundation

Posted by cbirnie on December 4, 2012

Last year we held an auction of limited edition Sarah Smith items to raise money for Za Foundation to aid them in their project to build a library in a small community in Nkomazi, South Africa where no library exists within a 30 mile radius.

Za Foundation report that they have shipped 10,000 books that had been donated to the campaign and hope to open the library early next year. However they still need help in raising the money needed to complete the library and to run the library on an ongoing basis. For more information on Za Foundation visit their website or Facebook page.

So once more we are doing what we can to help with a small Charity Sale of Sarah Smith goodies.  Last year 100% of the money you paid for items was donated to Za Foundation, and we will do the same this time around so you can be sure that 100% of all the money we raise will go to Za Foundation.

Instead of an auction we are going for a straight forward sale. Below you will see details of three styles of our much loved cotton shopper bags. We have 98 in our red “Moo!” pattern, 96 in the pink “Scooby” and 82 in apple green “Confetti”. They are on sales here at £5 each which includes UK Post & Packing. If you are looking to buy from outside the UK please contact us first ( info AT sarahsmith dot co dot uk ). All the bags are the same size 40 x 40 cm excluding the handle which is designed for over the shoulder use.

Just click on the appropriate BUY NOW button for the item you would like to buy and you will be directed to the paypal account of Sarah Smith co-owner Clive Birnie who has kindly offered to manage the donation collection for us. Clive has been assisting Za Foundation with this project for the last two years. Any queries, questions etc just email us.



Sarah Smith Red “Moo!” Cotton Shopper Bag £5.00 each incl. UK P&P.



Sarah Smith Pink “Scooby” Cotton Shopper Bag £5.00 each incl. UK P&P.



Sarah Smith Apple Green “Confetti” Cotton Shopper Bag £5.00 each incl. UK P&P.

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Jimsy Jampots’ Christmas Tree Cup Cakes

Posted by Sarah Smith on November 26, 2012

For our first recipe from Jimsy Jampots, Sarah Smith’s in-house chef, comes Christmas Tree Cup Cakes for when you fancy a change from mince pies but still want to keep things seasonal….  Delicious!

For the cakes

  • 150g butter
  • 150g soft brown sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 150g self-raising flour
  • 1 tsp ginger
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 tbsp milk


To decorate

  • 500g soft butter
  • 1000g icing sugar
  • 4 tbsp milk
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • Green gel food colouring
  • 12 small stars
  • Coloured balls to decorate



  1. Preheat the oven to 180C
  2. Combine all of the cupcake ingredients together in one go, sifting the dry ingredients. Beat until the mix is light, fluffy, and lump-free.
  3. Divide the cake mixture between 12 muffin cases, half-filling each case. Bake for 15-20 minutes until the cakes are springy to the touch, and remove them from the oven. Leave to cool on a wire rack
  4. When the cakes are cool, make the icing. Put the cubed butter, icing sugar, milk, cinnamon and food colouring in the bowl of a free-standing mixer. Put the mixture on a low speed and combine all the ingredients. Then turn the mixer up to it’s maximum setting and let it beat for five minutes. Turn the mixer off, scrape down the sides and let it beat on highest setting again for 30 seconds.
  5. Put the icing in a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle. Smear icing over the top of a cupcake and smooth it over to give a neat edge. Then pipe “branches” from the centre of the cupcake to the outer edge, evenly spaced out. Repeat on top of these branches, finishing just before the icing below does. Keep doing this, with the branches getting smaller and smaller, until you reach the top. Then pipe a vertical “branch” on top.
  6. Dot the coloured balls around to resemble baubles, and add a large star on top.

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Posted by Sarah Smith on November 23, 2012

Jimsy Jampots supplies Sarah Smith fans with seasonal recipes

Cult cleaning company Somerset-based Sarah Smith is delighted to announce the appointment of its chef in residence, Jimsy Jampots.

Jimsy Jampots will be supplying a recipe a month to Sarah Smith fans through the new Sarah Smith newsletter and contributing to the Sarah Smith blog.

Jimsy Jampots, 22, was born in Wales and now lives in London where she has a tiny flat with a beautiful little kitchen.

The first thing she can remember baking was Welsh Cakes with her mum when she was seven, but she never tried anything more adventurous than chocolate-chip butterfly cakes until 2010. Since then cooking and baking have become her favourite things to do — partially because of the joy of creation but mostly because she likes eating.

When Amy isn’t in the kitchen she enjoys reading, walking her dogs (two Dalmatians and one chocolate Labrador) and very, very slow knitting.

Sarah Smith CEO Clive Birnie says: “We’re delighted that Jimsy Jampots has joined the Sarah Smith team. Her recipes are delicious and she reflects all the Sarah Smith values – cheerful, honest and playful.”

Jimsy Jampots’ recipes are seasonal, accessible and perfect for a busy woman feeding her family.

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The launch of new Chunky Dishcloths!

Posted by Sarah Smith on November 20, 2012

Chunky not clunky – stylish pink thick eco textiles

Made of 50:50 recycled polyester and viscose blend, the Chunky Dishcloths are bacteria resistant and like all Sarah Smith products, meet the Oeko-tex textile standard 100 standard and are therefore certified free of substances harmful to humans and the environment.

The range is as cleaning-friendly as it is eco-friendly.  The Chunky Dishcloths are durable and machine washable.  Our special ingredient keeps them bacteria resistant and therefore fresher for longer.

The range is British-made, reducing air-miles, safeguarding local jobs and ensuring British quality.

Sarah Smith chunky eco cloths

  • Pack size:             2 cloths
  • Available from:       Sainsbury’s
  • RRP:                   £1.89 approx


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Posted by Sarah Smith on November 19, 2012

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ secret to looking spotless

We’ve hit the A-List with its Stain Away Wipes being used on the set of new action film Red 2, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker and being filmed in London and Paris.

Wardrobe Master Kevin Pratten contacted us to say how much he loved the wipes.

Kevin commented: “They are absolutely fantastic. We have used them on a number of clothes and have managed to take away everything and have left no residue – which is so important on camera. So I just wanted to say how great these wipes were, and that I will definitely use recommend for future filming.”

As well as being red carpet friendly, the wipes are also British-made, reducing air-miles, safeguarding local jobs and ensuring British quality.

Our CEO Clive Birnie says: “All our products are fit for superstars, and we are delighted that the Stain Away Wipes are keeping such august company.”

The wipes are available in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose at £1.99 for 14.

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